An Evolving Business...

AISC Certified Fabricator

QSR’s First Truck

Our History

QSR Steel is a structural steel and miscellaneous metals company located in Hartford, CT.

The company was founded in 2000 and quickly found success. Although the original focus of the company had been primarily miscellaneous metals, customer demand pushed for the expansion into structural steel.

Over the years the company has expanded its product line by finding customers in new markets, including renovations.

Renovation Specialists

QSR has become a major player in the renovation construction segment due to its unique ability to fabricate and erect its own steel with its own in-house forces. With the help of our in-house erection crews – downtime, third party subcontractor coordination, and quality control issues are all eliminated!

Renovations can be very difficult to accommodate. They require an increase in safety and rigging knowledge due to the beams and columns that are being worked with. Existing buildings do not always lend themselves to cranes or other common forms of equipment, making the contractors work more difficult. Our field crews are ready for the challenge of increased field hours to complete the job at hand!

Our Facility

Our state of the art manufacturing facility can handle projects of any size. Our skilled team members are proud of their work, and this shows in the quality of everything we produce.